Sustainable Construction | Building for a better future 

By Trade Up Admin on 10th August 2023

Construction and the trades industry are one of the few sectors on an upward trajectory of growth, showing resilience in the current economic environment. However, as a large user of natural resources, there are growing concerns putting pressure on construction firms and independents to reduce their environmental impact. 

Currently, the UK trades industry is going through a skills shortage which affects not only housing infrastructure but the ability to future-proof our cities and communities.   

With the UK government’s plans to cut the construction industry’s emissions by two-thirds in the next 12 years, not only are new construction projects forced to be environmentally friendly, but existing buildings must also be retrofitted with sustainable infrastructure. According to the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), 29 million homes in the UK will need to be retrofitted before 2050 – if we are to manage climate change’s effects. 

Luckily however, revisions to building regulations are changing the boundaries. Advances in technology offer new possibilities, alongside initiatives such as our own, creating an additional 10,000 skilled workers each year with the UK’s leading training providers in trade. 

Benefits of sustainable construction

The benefits of building sustainably and investing in skilled human resources for the trades industry means, that not only are there thousands of jobs created in the UK every year, but that there are active steps taken to mitigate climate change. Building better to reduce our carbon footprint and managing natural resources better, helps save long terms costs for people and the planet, resulting in a healthier living environment and enhanced community wellbeing. 

Challenges to integrating sustainability into the trades industry

There is an acute shortage of skilled workers who are trained to build environmentally conscious projects and are equipped with “green skills”. To cope with the environmental challenges of climate change, it is not enough to ensure that future buildings are made sustainably. We must also pay attention to our existing built environment and seek to make it better without infringing on natural habitats.  

Training and education are important pillars of building better. Trade-Up’s partner training providers help skilled workers in the trades by integrating eco-friendly construction materials and energy-efficient techniques into projects.  

With training available in renewable energy, and solar installations, there is a great focus on producing skilled trades workers to help the UK fulfil its sustainability goals and achieve energy independence. 

The path to a greener construction industry 

Several hurdles stand in the way of sustainable construction, but the ever-increasing urgency to address the changes we need in our built environment is more important. Trade-Up is taking tangible steps to do our part and demonstrate our focus on supporting the training of individuals in the trades industry in a way that benefits both the industry and the planet.   

Heat pumps and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels help reduce carbon emissions in buildings, and Trade-Up’s partners offer flexible, affordable training in both, from the country’s best experts like Logic4training and City & Guilds Electrical. Check out the full list of our training partners here.  

When you are enrolled on one of our partners’ courses, you are part of our commitment to helping the UK reach net zero. Find your trade and explore opportunities to make the switch to a trade career.