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About Trade Skills 4U

Trade Skills 4U is a City & Guilds Owned Company, we specialise in providing electrical training for corporate customers. We lead the market not only because of the number of qualifications we deliver each year, but also in terms of our expertise.

We have the facilities, instructors and an unsurpassed reputation built on years of experience.

The electrical industry is constantly evolving. At Trade Skills 4U we continuously respond to customer feedback and changes in the industry to ensure we go beyond the qualifications to ensure our students leave their course feeling completely confident in effectively utilising the skills they have learned. We are determined to drive forward industry standards and pride ourselves on our platinum standard training’.

Simply pay us a visit and this will be evident throughout our centres.

Training we offer

  • Approved Electric Contractor Course
  • Electrical Apprenticeships
  • Bespoke Corporate Training
  • Domestic Installer Courses
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Installer
  • Solar PV Installation
  • Battery Storage Installation
  • Inspection and Testing

How to become an electricIan?


To become an electrician in the UK you will need to combine training, experience and a final assessment. This can typically be completed as:

An electrical apprenticeship over 3-4 years

By breaking the elements down into more manageable steps over a 2-3 year period (Diploma / Technical Certificates. NVQ & AM2)

Both routes combine the same key elements but are structured differently. The apprenticeship spreads the training and experience units over 4 years whereas the Diploma route front loads the training elements and allows the candidate to top up with the NVQ once they are working in industry.


With Trade Skills 4U our approved electrical contractor route breaks down as follows:

Step 1 – Domestic Electrical Skills (1 month)

Step 2 – Level 2 2365 Diploma (3 months, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off)

Step 3 – Level 3 2365 Diploma (3 months, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off)

Step 4 – Level 2357 NVQ (1-2 years. Completed when working)

Typically, most students complete the first 3 steps in 6-7 months and at this point will be able to work as an electrician’s mate. Roughly a third of students find work whilst training, with up to 90% of students finding work within 6 months of completing the Diploma.

This route exists because not everyone can find an employer or apprenticeship place in order to get trained. It is particularly popular with adult learners who have the time and the finances to invest in themselves to gain skills and qualifications up front. The 2365 Diploma’s are often seen as the key to unlock the door to the electrical industry and you will hear them referred to by industry as your “Technical Certificates”. You become attractive to employers and can start earning as your progress your career and qualifications. The route is very flexible meaning once you are working you can return to top up your qualifications as and when your circumstances suit. It also means you can make sure you have the right job and situation to complete the NVQ should you choose.

However not everyone has to complete the full route, many people find jobs in related trades or related roles using the skills gained in electrical installation, health and safety, electrical science, inspection and testing and an understanding of the key industry regulations. You can always return to the route should you decide to pursue recognised electrician status later on.

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